Drugs that change your weight

Researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis  of 257 randomised controlled trials and  summarized the evidence about commonly prescribed drugs and their association with weight change.

They included 257 randomized trials (54 different drugs; 84,696 patients enrolled). Weight gain was associated with the use of: amitriptyline (1.8 kg), mirtazapine (1.5 kg), olanzapine (2.4 kg), quetiapine (1.1 kg), risperidone (0.8 kg), gabapentin ( 2.2 kg), tolbutamide (2.8 kg), pioglitazone (2.6 kg), glimepiride (2.1 kg), gliclazide (1.8 kg), glyburide (2.6 kg), glipizide (2.2 kg), sitagliptin (0.55 kg), and nateglinide (0.3 kg).

Weight loss was associated with the use of: metformin (1.1 kg), acarbose (0.4 kg), miglitol (0.7 kg), bupropion (1.3 kg), and fluoxetine (1.3 kg).

For many other remaining drugs (including antihypertensives and antihistamines), the weight change was either statistically nonsignificant or supported by very low-quality evidence.


JP Domecq. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Drugs Commonly Associated With Weight Change: J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 2015 Jan 15;100(2)363–370, From MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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