Can young or thin people get type 2 diabetes?

If you think they can’t, think again.


There is a certain stereotype of a person afflicted with type 2 diabetes as being overweight and inactive, like a couch potato chain-munching on Twinkies, and may be even smoking at the same time.

And the breaking news is, thin people get it, too.

The risk for developing type 2 diabetes is smaller if you’re thin but still, it’s real.   There is no standard definition for thin, says Everyday Health website.   Besides, weight isn’t the only contributing factor; this has to be in your genes.   If your parent or a sibling has T2D, you have at a greater than 3 times higher risk of developing it, too, compared with those that have no family history.

Genetics may explain why (some) thin folks develop type 2 diabetes while (some) of the overweight ones don’t.  And that is the truth.

Then there are lifestyle choices that…

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