About Our Book

Once upon a time, two people with a real interest in diabetes decided to write a book on the subject…

Dr Katharine Morrison and Emma Baird felt they did have something new to say about diabetes and the best way to control their blood sugar levels. Dr Morrison had worked extensively with diabetics to help them manage blood sugar control (very important when it comes to good health and avoiding nasty things such as kidney failure, nerve damage, heart disease, blindness and more), whilst Emma’s own experience of living with diabetes served as her qualification.

The book covers not only low-carb dieting, but how to manage your medications when embarking on low-carb diets so you can avoid all those nasty lows. It also includes an extensive selection of recipes for low-carb eating – all with their very own carb count, and suggested diets for different carb totals – depending on how low you decide to go.

You can buy our book (forgive us if we plug it a lot, but we are very proud of The Diabetes Diet) at Amazon, but we will also be using this website to keep you up to date with diabetes news, sharing posts from others interested in diabetes and diabetes healthcare, and giving you delicious, low-carb recipes.

Here’s to your health and happiness!

2 thoughts on “About Our Book”

  1. Very glad to find this site. I was diagnosed with diabetes in December and had my first consultation with a diabetes nurse yesterday. I am not on medication and want to keep it that way. However, I am not sure about the advice given – to eat more carbs as my last blood test came back as 4.8 mmol/l, meaning I am at risk of hypos. I was told I shouldn’t go below 6.5 mmol/l. This seems at odds with Sarah Hallberg’s talk, so want to do my own research, and your book looks very helpful for this.


    1. Thanks Sue. We hope you find the site useful. We can’t give you medical advice per se, but you might find information that helps you here. Good luck with your diabetes management and hopefully you’ll be able to stay off medication.


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