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cropped-cropped-3d-cover-image1.pngBuy our book! The Diabetes Diet tells you all you need to know about is available on Amazon. It tells you all you need to know about low-carb eating, adjusting your medication to suit, exercise, menu plans and more. And it costs less than a coffee and biscuit from Starbucks (our book also covers low-carb baking so biscuits can come back into your life too).

Here is the link to our book on Amazon.

Reviews of our book –

“This is a potentially life changing must read for diabetics and their Medical Advisors. It is a well written, informative book based around the premise that type 2 diabetics can normalise their blood sugar levels and type 1 sufferers can better manage their condition by following a low carb diet…”

“Brilliant `book` !! Not many diabetes books have a focus on DM1 but this does and as such it is invaluable for the newly diagnosed (and parents) and for those with a longer-term condition.It is supported by medical evidence as well as being packed with real-life practical tips and advice.Its focus is diet and nutrition,with the over-riding emphasis on low-cab diet (LCD).”

Find our book on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Buy Our Book

  1. Hi can I still buy the book as hard copy?
    The link on here says cant load the page and when I search Amazon I can only find a Kindle edition and I dont have kindle


    • Hello Cat, thanks for getting in touch. We will sort the link out. The book is only available as an ebook as it is not cost-effective for us to print and post it out, sorry! If you have any other ereader I could send you an epub version? Emma


  2. Thats a shame I was looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. I doubt I would read a whole book on my phone its not the same. Long shot but there isn’t a copy in a library is there? I live in Drongan


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