Merry Christmas Everybody

Emma and Katharine wish you a lovely Christmas today.

I will be doing my usual Christmas routine, which is to go off round the police stations in Ayrshire visiting prisoners, while my husband Norman, makes the Christmas dinner which we eat at 7pm, when I get home.

Steven and David, now in their mid twenties, revert to their teenage selves, and play with their new “toys” of whatever nature.  Their main job is to keep out of their dad’s way while he is doing his Master Chef routine.

We usually have the same thing each Christmas:

Lobster bisque or tempura prawns

Gordon Ramsay’s treacle and chilli covered ham with the usual trimmings

My low carb, wheat free,  and very boozy Tiramisu.

I make the sponges a couple of days before, and assemble the dessert the day before.  The prawns and bisque are pre-bought, and the ham pre-boiled the day before so that it cuts down the hard labour of the chef on the day.

Whatever you are eating, many of you will be having some festive drinks too. Here is a list of some of the drinks that you could be having, just so you can keep the carb and perhaps calories in mind.

From Diabetes Forecast March 2019 ( one ounce is 30 mls)

Rum and diet cola, 6 oz (1.5 oz rum) 100 calories, less than 1g carb

Scotch and club soda, 6 oz (1.5 oz Scotch) 100 calories, less than 1g carb

Martini, 2.5 oz (2.25 oz vodka or gin and 0.25 oz vermouth) 156 calories, less than 1g carb

Champagne, 4 oz, 100 calories, 4g carb

Red or White Wine, 5oz, 120-125 calories, 4g carb

Bloody Mary, 5oz (1.5 oz vodka) 120 calories, 5g carb

Light Beer, 12 oz, 100 calories, 6g carb

and what are a bit high in the carbs?

Sweet White Wine, 3.5 oz, 14g carb

Regular Beer, 12 oz, 13g

Margaritas and certain other sugary cocktails, 30g carb.




Cooking without limits: Refreshing lemonade

3 lemon juices
1 liter water
A bunch of fresh mint leaves
½ tea spoon Stevia or sugar substitute to taste
Mix everything together. If you don’t have ice put the jar in the fridge. Enjoy!

My friend Marion says don’t plant mint in your garden. It is so easy to grow it will take over everything.  Plant it in a pot and keep it on your patio.