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Low Carb Side Dishes

Have you been caught out by the vegetable shortage in the shops? British supermarkets have run short of courgettes, spinach and other salad items thanks to bad weather in Spain and Italy. If you follow a low-carb diet, you probably rely more on such vegetables than the average person. I decided to see what I … Continue reading


Buy Our Book!

Forgive our wee plug – but if you’re looking for a comprehensive explanation of how you can use low-carb eating to help with diabetes (type 1 and type 2), we’ve got the answer with our book, The Diabetes Diet.  How can it help you? If you’re a type 2, we give you detailed menu plans … Continue reading


Low Carb Diets and Microwaves

We treated ourselves to a new microwave recently – spending a whole £50 on one from Wilko. Microwaves are great when it comes to low-carb diets and cutting down time in the kitchen. You can cook fish fillets in minutes in a microwave. Just remember to cover them up properly or you’ll find it difficult … Continue reading