Hello and welcome to the Diabetes Diet blog…

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you find something useful here. Just to introduce ourselves, we are two Scottish ladies who are very interested in diabetes and achieving good health despite diabetes – on a personal and professional level.


I make a point of always wearing fascinators...
I make a point of always wearing fascinators……

I am Emma Baird. I’m a type 1 diabetic (diagnosed 32 years ago…) and a writer with a keen interest in health…



… And I am Dr Katharine Morrison, a senior practising GP and a senior partner in a medical practice in Ayrshire. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago, and since then I have worked extensively with diabetics (both type 1 and type 2) to help them to achieve good blood sugar control – a vital component in good health and longevity.



We wrote a book about diabetes and good blood sugar control and we set up this website to complement the book.  We’re going to update with it lots of topical articles, recipes and guest posts from others interested in diabetes, and those who work in healthcare with diabetics.

We’ve also added two very useful sections – the D-Solve course and the ‘how to’ course. Start with the D-Solve course and then try the How to course. Written by Dr Morrison, both courses contain a huge amount of useful information for you and they will really help if you have diabetes, or know someone who does.

And if you have experience in diabetes, low-carb dieting and recipes, and exercising with diabetes, we would love to hear from you. Use the comments sections to keep in touch, or email us at: lowcarbdiabetesdiet@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Emma
    Today I have Published a book titled ” Diagnosed with Diabetes, Now What!
    I will be honored if you kindly review my book, if possible mention it in your blog.

    Following is the link & short Info of the book. Please take a look. Please inform me how to send you a complimentary copy, in which format (PDF,MOBI,Epub etc).
    Thank you for your valuable time.

    Diagnosed with Diabetes. Now What!

    You were living your life to the fullest. Working hard and playing harder. Ignoring symptoms like fatigue, weight loss and increased frequency of urine. Then BAM! Out of the blue you started feeling very sick. You consult with your doctor, he run some tests and you are diagnosed with diabetes!

    Now What!

    This book will help you to keep your diabetes well controlled. It’s a small book but packed with information on diabetes you must know. Grab your copy and let’s start for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life with Diabetes.


  2. Hi to Dr Katherine Morrison. This is Yvonne from the future learn Spanish course. Coincidentally I am a low weight type 2 diabetic. I have what used to be termed as metabolic syndrome. I will be taking a look at your site. I recently tried the 5:2 fasting diet. However, I had a health issue which forced me to discontinue this. Do you have any thoughts on this diet? I eat low carbs and very little sugar anyway. I’m on metformin but only for the last year or so. I was on diet control till that point. As for the Spanish I’ve been doing it for years, but lack any sort of practice unfortunately.

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  3. Hi Yvonne, one of my son’s did very well with the 5:2 diet. He lost excess weight and found it easy to do. He mainly ate salmon on his fasting days. I did a version of this, which was to delay breakfast till 12 noon. My weight did not budge. I felt okay it, but didn’t see the point in continuing. Sometimes you have to self experiment to see what works the best.


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