Diabetes Week

Oops! We forgot to do anything to mark Diabetes Week in the UK (it finishes today), a bit remiss seeing as we’re a blog all about diabetes. So, to make up for our tardiness, here are some interesting facts about diabetes… The earliest known written record that referred to diabetes is thought to be 1,500 … Continue reading

Food / Recipes

Sausage and Onion Frittata

Hopefully, wherever you are in the world, you get to eat outside regularly. As you may know, the authors of this blog live in Scotland where outdoor eating isn’t possible for most of the year. We’ve just enjoyed an exceptionally beautiful May in the West of Scotland, though, and it did present opportunities for al … Continue reading


A Day of Type 1 Diabetes

What’s it like having type 1 diabetes? Like having a part-time job on top of everything else… I’m like most people – sometimes I manage great control. Sometimes, through no fault of my own, I don’t. And sometimes the fault is my own. My blood sugars go haywire, and I spend the day yawning, wishing … Continue reading


Seasonal Low-Carb Dishes

February is almost at an end – as it the season for many fruit and vegetables we associated with this time of year. Nevertheless, we’ve done a round-up of what’s in season at the moment. If you eat seasonally, you get food at its best. It also means less food miles, as the food can … Continue reading


Buy Our Book!

Forgive our wee plug – but if you’re looking for a comprehensive explanation of how you can use low-carb eating to help with diabetes (type 1 and type 2), we’ve got the answer with our book, The Diabetes Diet.  How can it help you? If you’re a type 2, we give you detailed menu plans … Continue reading


A Day of Low Carbohydrate Eating

One person’s low-carbohydrate diet will look very different to another’s. When you eat low-carb, meals start to lose the distinction higher carbohydrate meals have. At some point in the 20th Century, marketers decided that some foods were breakfast foods and some should be defined as lunch. Therefore, breakfasts should be cereal and/or toast, and at … Continue reading