Seasonal Low-Carb Dishes

February is almost at an end – as it the season for many fruit and vegetables we associated with this time of year. Nevertheless, we’ve done a round-up of what’s in season at the moment. If you eat seasonally, you get food at its best. It also means less food miles, as the food can … Continue reading

Jovina Cooks Italian: Marsala mushroom sauce
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Jovina Cooks Italian: Marsala mushroom sauce

      Once again Jovina shows us how little additions of garlic, herbs and wine can bring a little touch of Italy into your life, wherever that is.  Garlicky Marsala Mushroom Sauce This sauce can be  folded into an omelet or served with pan-fried chicken breasts or over pork chops. Ingredients 5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive … Continue reading

Leoni at Low Carb Store: Blueberry and Lemon Loaf
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Leoni at Low Carb Store: Blueberry and Lemon Loaf

This recipe is from Low Carb Store and was invented by Leoni, their resident dietician.   Ingredients 125g almond flour 3 eggs 75g inulin 100g blueberries Zest of 1 lemon 45g butter 2 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp baking powder Nutrition Per Slice Recipe makes 10 slices   Net (Total) Carbs 2.3g Fat 8.5g Protein 4.9g Fibre 7g … Continue reading

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Low Carb Side Dishes

Have you been caught out by the vegetable shortage in the shops? British supermarkets have run short of courgettes, spinach and other salad items thanks to bad weather in Spain and Italy. If you follow a low-carb diet, you probably rely more on such vegetables than the average person. I decided to see what I … Continue reading