Seasonal Eating Ideas for Low-Carb Diets

Need some low-carb inspiration? We’ve got some seasonal eating ideas for low-carb diets.

seasonal eating ideas for low-carb diets
Green goodness!

There are lots of good reasons to eat seasonally: firstly, it’s better for you because it’s fresher and tends to be more nutritious; it’s more environmentally-friendly because out-of-season fruit and veg is usually imported from far-flung destinations and has therefore contributed to a great deal of CO2 emissions; and finally because it tastes nicer.

In season now are: broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, spring onions, spinach, watercress, bananas, kiwi fruit, rhubarb, sorrell, lamb, cockles, langoustine, lobster, mussels, oysters, plaice, prawns, salmon and shrimp.

For some seasonal eating recipes, try our:

African lamb stew – aubergine and spices make this a delicious and nutritious dish.

Gluten-free moussaka – the traditional Greek dish gets a low-carb make-over.

Broccoli and Stilton soup – combine two great British ingredients and this is what you get, gorgeous green-y goodness.

Spicy fish soup – swap the haddock fillets suggested in this recipe for plaice.

Creamed spinach – serve with any roast meat or a steak.

Cauliflower cheese – this goes really well with thick slices of good ham.




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