Best Creamed Spinach

Okay, Popeye never had spinach like this, but I’d bet he would if he could!

I’m just back from a holiday in Florida. At the Gaylord Palms Orlando, Hickory Steak House, I’m pleased to say I had the best creamed spinach ever. It was so good, that it quite put the roast rack of lamb in the shade. I didn’t get the recipe from the chef, but the waitress said she thought they put Gruyere in it, so I made it with this when I got home, and holey moley, it worked.

Melt unsalted butter in a pan. An ounce or so.

Fry finely chopped white onion in it. A tablespoon or so.

A very easy option, I have learned from my student son Steven, is to keep frozen diced onion in the freezer. You can get it in most frozen supermarket sections. Just take out as much as you need at the time. Saves on crying over your onions.  If you prefer to cut them from scratch, chewing some strongly smelling mint chewing gum works the best of anything else I’ve tried.

Add a clove or two of minced garlic.

To do this, get your clove of garlic. Chop off both ends. Crush the clove under a wide knife. Peel the skin off. Now finely chop.

Get a bag (per person!) of spinach from the supermarket. Microwave it for the very brief it says on the instructions. Let it cool a bit.

When all softened up nicely in the frying pan, add grated Swiss Gruyere cheese about an ounce, and a good swig of double cream, about two tablespoons.

Switch off the heat. Allow the cheese to melt.

Meanwhile squish out as much water from the cooked spinach as you can and chop it roughly with a pair of scissors into the pan.

Swirl it round and allow it to heat very gently.


You will probably be having this with meat of some kind if you are following our diet.

You can easily make this while your steaks, leg of lamb, roast chicken or whatever is resting, prior to being scoffed.

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