Get up for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes at work

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Adapted from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Jan 12 2023

Short, regular breaks from sitting down at work and at home can improve your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Researchers from Columbia University in New York tested middle aged and older adults using various sitting/gentle walking protocols for eight hours a day. Even very short breaks of a minute improved blood pressure but to reduce blood sugars as well, you need a break of five minutes every 30 minutes.

These short activity breaks are helpful to improve your health and should be done in addition to a daily activity/exercise regime.

My comment: You will need to plan how to do this in most work and home situations. You could make a point of taking the stairs, walking around while taking phone calls, getting out for a short walk at lunch time, going to see people in person rather than phoning them, and doing exercises during commercial breaks in front of the television. Every little helps.

6 thoughts on “Get up for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes at work”

  1. I also set a notification on my smartphone to get up. Now that we do more video meetings, I’m in the habit of turning off my camera from time to time to stand and stretch.

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