UK study shows you can cut BP on a low carb diet by 10 units

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Adapted from Substantial and sustained improvements in blood pressure, weight, and lipid profiles from a carbohydrate restricted diet: an observational study of insulin resistant patients in primary care. David J Unwin. Simon D Tobin et al. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2019 Jul 26;16(15);2680

Hypertension is the second biggest known global risk factor for disease after poor diet. Perhaps lifestyle interventions are underutilised? This study was undertaken in 154 patients with type two diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance in a general practice. This was an observational study that lasted an average of two years.

The average systolic blood pressure reduction was 10.9 mmHg. The mean diastolic reduction was 6.3 mmHg and the mean weight loss was 9.5 Kg. Lipid profiles were markedly improved. Medication was meanwhile reduced by an average of 20%.

4 thoughts on “UK study shows you can cut BP on a low carb diet by 10 units”

  1. Wow. I do not have high blood pressure. If I remember to discuss it with her, I will bring up the issue with my cardiologist next time I see her.


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