What has 2021 in store for you?

What a year 2020 has been. Dare we wonder what is in store in 2021?

We are all hopeful that the vaccine will allow us to normalise our lives again. Vaccination will probably done for the half of the population who most need it in the next six months, and the young and healthy will probably get it done in the latter half of 2021.

We are likely to continue social distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing for the whole of 2021 however because the virus will take a long while to reduce to insignificant levels.

The thing I most want to get back is going on holidays, going to the cinema and theatre, going to restaurants and being able to visit my friends and family.

I am fortunate in that I have a good sized house and garden and I have access to forest and beach walks some from the house and some only a 30 minute drive away. I haven’t been cooped up inside in a crowded or noisy environment. My friends and family have all escaped harm.

I worked my last GP day on the 3rd January last year and came down with what I now recognise was Covid on the 5th. Doctors will be doctors, so I worked through it even though my oxygen level was 90%, my temp was 38.5 and my resting pulse was 129. If I get it again I hope that my immune system won’t be as taken by surprise as it was the first time.

Semi-retirement has not been as leisurely as I had thought. I ended up doing more custody work and am still doing legal work. On the fun side, I started to learn French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish as well as Spanish. I can’t remember the fine details of anything so I thought that if I kept up a very basic level I would retain it better. My comprehension isn’t bad but my ability to reply to people even when I understand what they are saying is dismal.

I have continued walking with my friends when I am able and my daily keep fit videos.

I have enjoyed a geology course, a tour of Britain course and several cooking courses by video.

The Oculus Quest has been a great laugh as well as getting me playing mini golf and table tennis.

Most of my cancelled holidays have been rebooked for 2021 and even 2022. Many people don’t miss holidays but the dreich Scottish weather does get me down so I really hope the travel industry can get going again.

On my last Caribbean holiday last February my husband and I would toddle off to the Tiki Bar in our hotel in Barbados and drink far too many Amarettos and Whiskies. The thought of what it was doing to my waistline and brain cells was always on my mind until I got to the third one.

My resolutions are to carry on my learning and languages, continue my keep fit, and enjoy every second of every sunny day whether here or abroad. What are yours?

3 thoughts on “What has 2021 in store for you?”

  1. well Sheryl said i had to take a shower in 2020. next thing you know she will be demanding I change my socks or something radical like that. i keep telling her hat a waste of water. I mean i went 19 years before our first date without a shower, now she is expecting one every six year or so. psst. I will not participate in such nonsense.


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