Low Carb Go-To Meals

picture of chorizo sausage, the Diabetes Diet
I’d probably eat this Every. Single. Day.

What are your go-to meals? Everyone has them, the ones you eat at least once a week or more. We choose them for their mix of taste and convenience.

When you throw diabetes into the mix, the go-to meals are usually the ones where you know the exact carb count, how much insulin you need to take with them and they’re probably quick and easy.

I go through phases too—eating one dish for weeks and weeks before getting thoroughly bored of it. I add the odd newbie into the mix occasionally, usually picking something I find online. I like simple dishes—a generous helping of protein, two of vegetables and fat in the form of mayo, cheese or nuts thrown in.

My ‘go-to’s’ are:

  • Chopped cooking chorizo fried with mushrooms on top of salad generously dressed with balsamic vinegar and a bit of chopped avocado.
  • Prawns in home-made cocktail sauce with salad leaves and broccoli
  • Low-fat cauliflower cheese with salad leaves and two eggs to give extra protein
  • Any home-made soup with boiled eggs
  • Roasted chicken legs with broccoli or cauliflower and…you guessed it, salad leaves.

For all that we post recipes giving you lots of choices for your low-carb diet, I wonder how many of you are like me? Do you too return to the same meals time after time and are they as simple (boring!) as mine?


8 thoughts on “Low Carb Go-To Meals”

  1. You could say my diet is boring because I tend to rotate between several dishes, with variations depending what is seasonally available, but actually I find it highly rewarding. Oh wait, I mean not rewarding because after I have eaten I don’t get hungry again for many hours. My BG seldom spikes and my lipids and blood pressure are consistently good for my age, let alone the absence of symptoms of all kinds which plagued me all my grain-and-Omega 6-eating life.

    Ground beef or pork stir-fried in EVOO with bacon, mushrooms, multicoloured peppers and chillies and garlic with or without tomato puree and a selection of herbs and spices, chicken or king prawn curry with bacon or cashews and similar veggies but different spices, fried in coconut oil, pheasant roasted wrapped in bacon with seasonal greens, liver and bacon or steak or local sausages also with seasonal greens, etc. etc. Salmon or herrings with toasted almonds and briefly simmered frozen spinach.

    None of these things take long to cook or need many pans. Sometimes I even cheat and have a small quantity of rice or quinoa to soak up the fatty juices, I probably get through a kilo or less per year. I could write a book but it would be a short one.

    Later I might fry some halloumi in EVOO and eat it with a thickly buttered oatcake, a favourite snack. Mostly I am below 50g carbs a day which my pancreas can still handle.

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      1. Also my version of a low carb cheesecake – an oatcake (5 -6g carbs) piled with goats cheese studded with blueberries.

        Did you spot the deliberate mistake? I forgot to mention lamb chops.

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  2. I do a mix of vegetables and eggs every morning. I toss in a piece of Canadian bacon for some variety. Yes I am a regular sort of person. LOL

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