Statins and diuretics increase diabetes risk


People with impaired glucose tolerance are at increased risk of being tipped into diabetes if they take statins or diuretics. Beta blockers have no effect on diabetes risk.

One in 17 will get diabetes when they otherwise wouldn’t on diuretics and one in 12 would be affected with statins. The anti hypertensive beta blockers and calcium channel blockers had no effect.

Based on article in BMJ 4.1.14 on the NAVIGATOR study

2 thoughts on “Statins and diuretics increase diabetes risk”

  1. The study you cite actually relies on data from a 2009 study.

    The statement cited is difficult for a few reasons. Among these is that people placed on these medications had cardiovascular disease. What is not clear is if the medications are at all causative or if the outcome is merely a statistical outcome of the research.

    As I said this statement is based on a 2009 study and was contained in a 2014 study. Other researchers have overwhelmingly found that the use of these medications has beneficial side effects for many. Yes, these are pieces of the puzzle but they are not the entire wall of knowledge.


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