Lost to follow up diabetic patients do badly




People with diabetes who had annual diabetes checks in the previous seven years had half the mortality rate of those who did not attend. 

This study  in England and Wales for the National Diabetes Audit 2015-16 also revealed that type ones have a mortality rate 127.8% more than the general population and those with type two diabetes are 28.45 more likely to succumb earlier than they otherwise would.

My comment: These seem very disturbing figures especially for type ones. Of course type ones are still not being guided about having normal blood sugars. There could be a reverse causality here going on as well, with the least fit people, perhaps housebound or with amputations or with visual problems less able to attend clinics. In my area there is a good deal of effort put into tracking down children who don’t attend clinics, but once they move to the adolescent and adult clincs there does not seem to be the provision of liaison nurses to do outreach work. 


Adapted from news article BMJ 22 July 17


2 thoughts on “Lost to follow up diabetic patients do badly”

  1. That is interesting. Do you think it has anything to do with the English Medical System? Typically in the US we have 3-month appointments for diabetes. I also wonder if most people with diabetes don’t miss at least one appointment in about every 7-year stretch?


    1. Hi Rick, it might be. We’re every six months (supposedly, though mine work out every eight months because I’m in one of the most populated parts of the country), though if you are on a pump, you’re scheduled in for every three months. Thinking back over the last seven years, I do reckon I missed one appointment…


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