Robert Redfern: High carb diet causes memory loss as we age


As reported in Naturally Healthy News Issue 24

Eating a diet that’s rich in carbohydrates – sweets, soft drinks, bread, pasta and potatoes- is  a direct cause of mild dementia and memory loss as we get older. Starch and sugar cause cognitive impairment.

A diet that is high in fats and protein is far less likely to cause mental decline, say Mayo Clinic researchers. 

They have found that carbohydrates interfere with the body’s ability to metabolise glucose and insulin which are needed to feed the brain.

The carbohydrate link was found when researchers analysed the lifestyles and diets of 937 people aged 70-89 years. They found that those who ate the most carbohydrates were 3.6 times more likely to show mild cognitive decline, including problems with memory, language, thinking and judgement. 

Those who ate fats were 42% less likely to suffer cognitive decline and those who ate high protein diets had 21% less risk.

( Alzheimers Dis, 2012;32:329-39)


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