Low Carb Diets and Microwaves

We treated ourselves to a new cat bed, I mean microwave, in the January sales.
We bought a new cat bed, I mean microwave, in the January sales.

We treated ourselves to a new microwave recently – spending a whole £50 on one from Wilko.

Microwaves are great when it comes to low-carb diets and cutting down time in the kitchen. You can cook fish fillets in minutes in a microwave. Just remember to cover them up properly or you’ll find it difficult to get rid of the smell. Microwave half a lemon on high for a minute and this will help clean the microwave and banish fishy smells.

You can also poach eggs in a microwave. Crack an egg onto a greased saucer, prick the yolk a couple of times with a fork and cook at about 80 percent in three to four 20-second bursts, leaving the egg to rest for 20 seconds or so in between. It’s really important to prick the yolk and cook the egg in short bursts to stop it exploding…

Cook omelettes the same way. Beat up two to three eggs with a little milk or cream and pour onto a greased side or dinner plate. Cook in 20 and 30-second bursts until cooked.

You can also make scrambled eggs, again cooking the eggs in bursts and mixing well in between to break up the big ‘curds’ that develop. Cook them in a greased bowl, for easier cleaning.

Another trick is to use the microwave to soften avocados – you know, those ones you bought from the supermarket that promised you they were ready to eat?! Prick the skin all over and microwave on a medium or low setting in 30-second bursts. It should feel softer – if not, give it one more 30-second blast until it is.

The microwave can cook you a cupcake – a literal cupcake that it. We’ve got a low-carb recipe for a chocolate version here. And if you want to make our low-carb chocolate fudge, you can soften the ingredients in the microwave for mixing together.

For more low-carb microwave ideas, try the Spark People website for meatloaf, bread meatballs, egg custard and more.

Do you have any low-carb tips for microwaves? Please feel free to share them here.




3 thoughts on “Low Carb Diets and Microwaves”

  1. Great tips, mostly all new to me – thank you! I’m intrigued about poaching the egg. Surely having pricked the yolk a couple of times with a fork, the yolk will run everywhere? Maybe I’ll try it for lunch and find out!

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  2. Hi Sandra, it shouldn’t if you prick it with a very sharp knife. Poaching eggs in the microwave is a bit of an experiment because it depends on how powerful your oven is. If you stick to a medium temperature and cook only in short bursts, it should be okay.

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  3. If you need to melt chocolate, put it in a pyrex bowl with a wooden chopstick and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat till melted.

    To get more juice from your limes and lemons put them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

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