Continuous glucose monitors give 1% reduction in Hba1c

free styleVancouver doctors took 12 patients  type two diabetes who were using insulin and gave them continuous blood sugar monitors to help them improve their blood sugars.

Participants used these for 3 months, kept food records and maintained weekly contact with a registered dietitian/registered nurse team.  After 3 months, patients were told to discontinue sensor use and weekly contact and return to usual care.

HbA1c averages started at  8.2  which decreased to 7.1 during the program period and did not increase during the 15 months of patient follow-up.

Hypoglycemia (glucose < 4 mmol) at the beginning of treatment, was an average of 3.5  per week and was unchanged at the end of the study to 2.8.

“In conclusion, our program empowered patients with the knowledge and skill to maintain glycemic control,” Dr Haniak said. “Furthermore, this program is a very effective teaching tool for those patients with severe hypoglycemia to also sustain and maintain glycemic control.”

Haniak P, et al. Abstract 179-OR. Presented at: American Diabetes Association’s 75th Scientific Sessions; June 5-9, 2015; Boston.

Focused Care Improves Control Without Hypoglycemia Risk

From Diabetes in Control June 26th, 2015

My comments: Surely giving patients the Freestyle Libre or similar for a period of time combined with education on a low carbohydrate diet and blood sugar management would be cost effective in the NHS?

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