Carb Counting Maths


I never thought I would be using maths again in my life, who needs calculus and trig for day to day work. Carbohydrate counting feels like I’m back in maths class, it’s like learning a foreign language. It is so confusing!

With type 1 diabetes you inject your insulin in regards to how many carbohydrates you have eaten in your food. Everyone’s ratio is different based on to sensitive their bodies are to carbs or not, but my ratio is 1:15. This means I inject 1 unit of novorapid to every 15g of carbohydrates that I eat in that meal or snack. Bit lost already? Don’t worry so was I when I had my first lesson in the hospital after being diagnosed.

Carbohydrate counting is super easy if you are eating packaged foods. All the information you need is on the back of a packet. On the back of the packet…

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