Why can’t you get healthy food at a medical meeting?

The photograph of  lovely display of cakes you see here was taken by  a doctor at a medical conference the subject of which was….tackling obesity.


Similarly, the sandwiches and chips you see dished up is all to often the only sort of food you will see at medical seminars.  I recently attended a two day course on the subject of how to speak to patients so that they would be more motivated to change their unhealthy eating and non-existent exercise habits when dealing with their diabetes. The group consisted of psychologists, doctors, nurses and dieticians. The food was sandwiches, cut up vegetables with sugary/fatty dips, cakes and orange squash.  At other meetings there have been lots of pastries, vol au vents, potato salad and sausage rolls. It is rare to find lean meats, plain eggs, salad vegetables and fruit.

Some of this is down to cost. It is much cheaper to serve carby/fatty rubbish. But what sort of example is it to health professionals when they are at seminars to discuss the resolution of unhealthy lifestyles for their patients?

Not being able to eat anything at the lunch served, I went to the hospital staff canteen to see if I could do any better.  Potato and leek soup, battered chicken in sweet and sour sauce, vegetable stroganoff, boiled rice, baked potatoes, steak pie and a salad bar which contained some vegetables, boiled eggs but no lean meat. A deli counter made up sandwiches but the single meat filling was heavily covered in mayonnaise.

The chill cabinet contained lots of sandwiches, sweetened yoghurts and fruit juice.

Crisps, Pringles and Doritos were available. So were cakes, biscuits, scones and jelly.

At least if I was having a hypo I would have been easily able to satisfy my dietary requirements.


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