Diabetes exercise expert launches great new site

Dr Sheri Colberg has been studying diabetics and their response to exercise for many years.  She has written several books to help diabetics achieve their best results and now she has launched an online site that will help you for free.

She writes:

As a leading expert on diabetes and exercise, I recently put my extensive knowledge to use in founding a new information web site called Diabetes Motion (www.diabetesmotion.com), the mission of which is to provide practical guidance about blood glucose management to anyone who wants or needs to be active with diabetes as an added variable. Please visit that site and my own (www.shericolberg.com) for more useful information about being active with diabetes.


She aims to help the entire range of people affected with diabetes from the “getting on a bit” couch potato to the fit competitive athlete.

Here at Diabetes Diet Blog, Emma and I are convinced of the benefits of regular and varied exercise for all, whether you are diabetic or not. Just figuring out where to start can be difficult if you haven’t been a regular exerciser before or are troubled with complications. For insulin users, they are sometimes put off by the adjustments they need to make with their food intake and insulin doses. This site is here to help and Sheri contributes personally to the comments section in her site to help you. 51y4mr5J-5L._SX349_BO1,204,203,200_

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