NEW – ‘How To’ Course for Diabetics

The 'how to' course will help you achieve better blood sugar results.
The ‘how to’ course will help you achieve better blood sugar results.

Here at the Diabetes Diet, we’ve added some e-learning options for you. The ‘How to’ course written by GP Dr Katharine Morrison is an extensive learning resource suitable for anyone with diabetes (type 1 or 2, or gestational diabetes) and anyone who cares for those people, and it’s aimed at helping you improve your diabetes.

Although personal coaching at diabetes clinic occurs, there are often gaps in what would make that all-important difference to individuals. By following this course you will have all the advantages of the many tips and clearly set out steps to improvement that have been directly tested by other people with diabetes.

As you work your way through the course you will quickly realize that a reduced-carbohydrate diet is highly recommended. This is key to stabilising and then normalising blood sugars. In turn, this can reduce hunger if your aim is to lose body fat or improve metabolic control if you suffer from any of the glucose metabolism disorders.

The ‘How to’ course is available here, or through navigation from the top menu.


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