Red Meat and Cancer Risk

steakConfused about health headlines of late and worried that your low-carb diet might give you cancer?

That might be the case if you’ve been reading the reporting of a certain World Health Organisation (WHO) study looking into diet which said eating processed meat increased the chances of developing colorectal cancer by 18 percent, while red meat was “probably carcinogenic” but that there was less evidence.

It depends on where you read the news of course as certain reporting of the story (and other similar research) has blown it out of all proportion – at least with their sensationalist headlines. Take a bow the Daily Mail.

Zoe Harcombe’s blog dissects the research and the headlines. I’d recommend reading it for a more detailed take on the story.

Personally*, I buy good quality, unsmoked bacon and good quality red meat. I don’t eat ham and other processed meats, mainly because I don’t find them very filling – but I’m happy to eat chorizo occasionally. The headlines don’t bother me in the least.

I’ll keep buying and eating unsmoked bacon and good quality red meat because eating them helps me maintain a low-carb diet, which in turn helps me feel lively and energetic, instead of lethargic, grumpy and depressed.


*A disclaimer here – you must make up your own mind about what you choose to eat of course…

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