7 Ketogenic Thanksgiving recipe ideas!

Some great ideas for Thanksgiving/Christmas low-carb recipes from Happy to be called mom…

Happy to be called mommy

In past Thanksgivings, where I was eating low carb because of gestational diabetes, I just had to refrain from eating much at potlucks or get-togethers, and I felt so deprived on a low carb/ketogenic diet.  This was because I didn’t know of any alternatives to the things I most wanted to eat. This thanksgiving, however, after doing a lot of research, I am going to be feasting and enjoying myself WITHOUT feeling deprived. There are so many alternatives to the typical carby treats…and they are not any less delicious than the real deal.  Here are some of the things I’ll be making or eating this year:

1.) Pork rind stuffing

Click here for recipe.

2.) Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon Deviled Eggs

Click here for recipe.


3.) Ricotta dressing

(if you use sage and poultry seasoning instead of spinach, or on top of it, it will taste like dressing.)

Click here for recipe.


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