The Top 10 Best Things About a Low-Carb Diet

  1. You don’t need to eat low-fat cottage cheese again. Seriously, that watery crap doesn’t need to find itself in your fridge ever again.
  2. Broccoli and butter. Think you don’t like broccoli? Try it steamed with a tablespoon of butter melting over the top. Om nom nom.
  3. Steak. Lamb. Burgers. Sausages. (And this from a reformed vegetarian too…)
  4. You can eat chicken skin. And crackling. Turn up the oven to hot, hot, hot and make yourself your own pork scratchings.
  5. You will fart less. Seriously.
  6. Smoked salmon and scallops (on a rich day, obvs).
  7. Your appetite will feel as if it is under control, because your blood sugar levels will stay steadier and protein is more satiating.
  8. You get to try out lots of lovely recipes, thanks to the world wide web! Obviously, we feature great recipes here at Diabetes Diet, but check out BBC Good Food, Authority Nutrition and the Atkins website for more.
  9. You can go longer without eating because of the natural satiety effects.
  10. Finally, you will feel healthier, more energetic and happier – again, because of steady blood sugar control.

What do you love about eating low-carb? We’d love to know… And if you would like to try out a low-carb diet, with expert advice on medication management for going low-carb, try out the Diabetes DietPic thanks to Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best Things About a Low-Carb Diet”

  1. Try adding garlic to the butter and the broccoli – I had it in an Italian meal recently delicious++++
    I find I am more alert on the diet and need less sleep too, I have been on it nearly two years now.


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