Covid infection as good as two vaccinations in prevention of future attacks

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BMJ 18 March 2023

The Lancet has published research concerning the effect of clinical Covid 19 infection protection against further infections.

Looking at 65 research studies, the conclusion is that alpha, beta and delta variants strongly protected against future infection. There was 78% protection at 40 weeks post covid. The Omicron variant however was less protective, immunity only being 36% at 40 weeks.

Any infective agent however was highly likely to protect against hospital admission or death. The effectiveness was 90% at 40 weeks.

This was considered as useful has having had two mRNA vaccines.

Good news for those who have had Covid infection.

4 thoughts on “Covid infection as good as two vaccinations in prevention of future attacks”

  1. I think we can now be confident that so-called hybrid immunity is probably the best outcome for those who have been immunised and subsequently infected with SARS-COV-2.

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