Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Everyone from Katharine and Emma.

Today I will be enjoying my second work free Christmas at home with my husband and both sons and four cats.

I always make a low carb gluten free Tiramisu the day before. Starters are always tinned or a jar of lobster bisque and bought tempura prawns. One Christmas my husband made them from scratch and they were fantastic but the kitchen was covered in flour and grease.

My husband always makes Gordon Ramsay’s Ham with chilli treacle glaze with roast potatoes and as few vegetables as we can get away with, being Scottish. We always have our dinner at 7.30pm.

This tradition arose because I was always on call for the police on Christmas day and I’m hoping to avoid doing the Christmas dinner for many more years to come.

Last year I played with the boys and their toys and hope to do the same this year.

Have a lovely time and especially if you are on your own, I wish you a peaceful, warm, and comforting Christmas and winter.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. That sounds interesting, but my family would miss the trip to jail and Christmas dinner in lockup. Last year we missed it because the fight did not break out until around 1:00 PM. This year we have things planned so much better. The fight starts at 11:15 and if the family wants in on dinner they need to be here at 11:45.

    I do not think they knwo how to make Tiramisu or anything low carb at jail. But i do like their corn cake blocks with the backed in beans, vegetables, salad, dressing, onions, and some sort of meet, I think chicken necks. It is tasty in an odd, awful sort of way.

    Well its only one night, unless the fight spills over to the lockup, then we could spend a few days like 2002


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