Active students are happier students

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Adapted from Human Givens No 1 2020 BMC Psychiatry 2020

The less physical exercise students take, the more likely they are to suffer from mental ill health, and think about or attempt suicide, according to a Norwegian study.

Researchers questioned over fifty thousand students to assess frequency, intensity and duration of physical exercise and self reported depression, suicide and self harm. Low frequency, low intensity of exercise and low duration of exercise all had a significant role.

My comment: Lockdown and online classes will have exacerbated these risk factors. Home exercise, VR exercise, online exercise, You tube classes, and getting out to run, walk, take out neighbour’s dogs will all help.

1 thought on “Active students are happier students”

  1. Oh no question. The first thing I learned about alternative ed is that about 35-40% of the day needs to be activity oriented in for them to be able to learn. Drill and kill will do make them not learn and will kill teachers trying to do it to them.


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