Merry Christmas!

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Emma and I wish you all a great Christmas in 2021.

This year has not felt as tough as 2020, mainly because we have got enough toilet paper and soap and we have almost all been doubly or triply vaccinated. We have got used to sitting at home or being in our gardens, if we are fortunate to have them, and have got used to masking up and gelling our hands.

Most of us will still have experienced some hardship and loss though. It is particularly difficult for either those who are crowded in together when they would rather not be, or being alone for very prolonged periods if you would rather not be. The stress of these things tend to be magnified over the holiday season, so particularly wish everyone in these situations a calm, peaceful and comforting Christmas.

I have been fortunate to finally retire from both GP and Police work and for the very first time in twenty years will be at home on Christmas day instead of working. I did this to allow my colleagues the day off and also to ensure that my husband made the Christmas dinner. My usual contribution is the dessert which tends to be an almond based Tiramisu, which I will make again this year.

I’m recently back from the Mayan Riviera in Mexico where my eldest son and I greatly enjoyed our first holiday together in 2 years.

This is my husband’s last year at work and he becomes a happy retiree officially on the 1st January.

I have booked off quite a lot of weeks away in 2022 and I hope we get to enjoy them. Our younger son David moved back home to work remotely soon after lockdown started so he will be here to look after our four cats when we do get away.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

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