Maybe better hospital food is on the way

Prue Leith, chef and restauranteur advised on the review of hospital food.

Adapted from BMJ 31 Oct 2020

An independent review of hospital food led by advisers including Prue Leith has produced a report including recommendations.

The government has said that it will establish and expert group of NHS caterers, dieticians, and nurses to act on the recommendations.

The group has advised that food be provided 24/7. Digital menus and food ordering systems should factor in dietary requirements. There should be professional standards agreed for NHS chefs. The role of nurses, dieticians and caterers should be increased in overseeing food services.

My comment: Here a some studies they should consider when it comes to formulating the meals.

BMJ 16 Feb 2021

The PURE study showed that those who had more than 350g of refined grains a day, or about 7 servings, had a higher risk of total mortality, major cardiovascular disease events compared to the lowest category which was less than 50g of refined grains.

The finding are robust and widely applicable as the study recorded more than 10,000 deaths or major cardiovascular disease events across the range of cereal grains, whole grains and white rice consumption. Different settings, cultures and dietary patterns were considered.

BMJ 20 March 21

The “Five a day” promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption originated in California in the 1990s from a partnership between the state health department and the agricultural and supermarket industries.

Five seems to have been chosen pragmatically as a realistic target rather than having been based on any nutritional evidence. But analyses of the Nurses Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow up study suggest that they got it right.

During 30 years follow up, the greatest mortality benefit was seen for five servings a day, and eating more didn’t give greater risk reductions.

2 thoughts on “Maybe better hospital food is on the way”

  1. Over the years, I have moved to a more vegetable-based diet. I suspect I do get more than five servings of vegetables per day. (no not potatoes and corn) I tend to struggle to get enough fruit in. Because of that, I am using fruit as a low blood sugar antidote. Less beef, more chicken, and about one per week pork.


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