Benign positional vertigo supplementation

Adapted from BMJ 24 Oct 20

Benign paroxsymal positional vertigo is characterised by brief attacks of dizziness brought on by a change in head position. It is thought to occur from debris entering the balance mechanism in the middle ear.

Observational studies links these attacks to osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency.

A trial of oral supplementation with vitamin D and calcium appears to give fewer attacks of the dizzy episodes compared to no treatment over the course of the next year.

My comment: The Epley movements are also a treatment but they need to be given in person and by someone who knows how. You tube videos of this are available.

2 thoughts on “Benign positional vertigo supplementation”

  1. As a frequent sufferer, I can say that anything that works gets my vote. However, most of the vitamin nonsense is nonsense.



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