It’s not usual to have perfect mental health

A study of children from birth until they were well into middle age showed that 86% of them met the criteria for a psychiatric disorder at least once during nine assessments undertaken by a psychiatrist from the age of 11 to 45.

The study was undertaken in the South island of New Zealand. Most of them had multiple diagnoses.

The conclusion was that sustained good mental health is the exception rather than the rule and that people often manifest their mental health difficulties in different ways over their life span.

JAMA Netw Open doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.20203221.

3 thoughts on “It’s not usual to have perfect mental health”

  1. Wow, I honestly never thought about sustained mental health from teenage to adult. But thinking about it I cannot recall sustained periods of mental health I just thought it was related diabetes. Who knew it was not just me?

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    1. And the study only went up to the age of 45 Rick! It hardly captures the male middle age crisis point and the female menopause/empty nest years. And then there is dementia looming…..


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