Merry Christmas !

I don’t normally post pictures of myself or my house, so here is a photo Norman took of me putting up my Christmas tree this year.

It just shows what an advantage it is to be six foot tall and wearing six inch heels under my nightie. You can stick your star on the highest tree.

Being Scotland and all, there is no shortage of pine trees. I got mine as a little special present from Prince Charles himself. The Dumfries House estate is very close by and with the very long and dark Scottish nights around this time of year it is really no difficulty to pick out the best tree out of a few hundred.

It was very early in the morning and I must apologise for not having time to put on any makeup or even comb my hair. What I slag I’m sure you would all be thinking, if you weren’t such nice people.

You will also notice the presents under the tree. The tall blue boxes have room for four bottles of wine each. None of that Majestic stuff either! Although I have heard from Charles that he doesn’t mind it. Not as posh as me then.

When it comes to tree decoration, I do think that the minimalist chic approach is so last year. We are all fed up with this Covid thing and we all need a bit of bling to cheer us all up.

Do you like my curtains? My four cats certainly do. They can climb up them right to the top and then jump up on the tree for a bit of acrobatic entertainment.

Emma and I do hope that you all have a marvellous Christmas. Just like us!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas !”

  1. Hi Everyone, it’s now 17.11 in Scotland and finally I have been able to see Jupiter and Saturn as there is little in the way of cloud. If you go outside, facing due south, look up to the moon on your upper left. Up on the south side of the moon is MARS it is reddish in colour. Take your eye a bit above the horizon and scan over towards the remnants of the setting sun in the west. Along this trajectory you will see a very bright star, JUPITER and more faintly beside it is SATURN.


  2. Your picture reminds me of Susan Jacobs.

    Oh you do not know Susan Jacobs? Well I dated her in High School. She was dressed much the same way for our second date. Yeah, we did not make it to the 4th date. πŸ™‚

    Naw, not really her house did not have curtains like that. I do really like your tree and I wish you and your family a terrific Merry Christmas. We saw the Planet alignment on December 23 around 6:00 PM Eastern US. It was amazing.

    Thank you to both you and Emma for a great year of well written articles.


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