Younger women more likely to get urine infections with Flozins

From Univadis Nakhleh A et al. Journal of Diabetes Complications 18th April 2020

It is well known that patients on Flozins are much more prone to urine infections and thrush due to the extra sugar in the urine which is excreted by taking these drugs, also known as SGLT2 inhibitors.

An Israeli study of over 6 thousand women with type two diabetes sought to clarify who was more or less likely to be affected by this very annoying problem.

They found that those most likely to get urine infections were:

Women who had existing gastro intestinal problems

Pre-menopausal women

Women who had been taking oral oestrogen in the form of the contraceptive pill or HRT

Women less likely to be affected:

were older (over 70)

had prior existing chronic kidney disease

My comment: From my GP experience I found that these drugs were highly effective and generally well tolerated. A few patients were indeed badly affected by recurrent urine infections and thrush and had to discontinue the drugs.



3 thoughts on “Younger women more likely to get urine infections with Flozins”

  1. I think its about time they looked at the bug causing the infection rather than these cohort studies. I can’t help but notice how bad hormones are for women…yet transgenders can take them for decades with little problems. Im very cynical right now.


  2. Its fascinating and perplexing. Is it he frequency of urination that causes the issue? Is it because of the degree of bladder emptying? My urologist asked me two visits ago if I used a SGLT-2 inhibitor because he wanted to make sure that i understood the potential bladder issues? So at least for him it is not a female only issue.


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