Public Health Collaboration online conference this coming weekend

I will be speaking at the conference on the topic of VR Fitness.


It is even easier to access the talks as they will all be available on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 2020. The conference, intended for Bristol had to be cancelled due to coronavirus.



6 thoughts on “Public Health Collaboration online conference this coming weekend”

  1. I am doing limited replies right now. I was off for two months.

    The surgery went well. I am in a clamshell upper toros brace whenever out of bed. I am using Tylenol only and have been for at least 5 weeks. I am decreasing that each day. I am also walking more and more and i look forward to PT in June. I am mostly looking forward to my bicycle in July and August.

    Thank you for checking in. I am hopeful that I will get strength back in short order. The incision goes from the base of my neck to my butt, it is a bunch to heal from. But on the road.


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