Eating carbs last gives lower blood sugar spikes

From IDDT newsletter December 2018

A report in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care Sept 2017 shows that in type two diabetes, eating sugar and starch later in the meal halved the blood sugar spike after the meal compared with those who ate the sugar and starch first.

This study was done on 16 people who ate test meals of protein, vegetables, bread and orange juice. Those who were instructed to eat the bread and juice last also had 40% lower post meal glucose levels compared to those who ate all of the meal components in a mixed fashion.

My comment: This is a small study but easily reproducible with yourself and your blood glucose meter. If you do wish to eat sugar and starch best have these last, unless you are treating a hypo.



5 thoughts on “Eating carbs last gives lower blood sugar spikes”

  1. I dont know. I seem to spike on most things these days. Maybe not plain chicken, but certainly vegetables. Or that may be just my excuse for eating popcorn. I love popcorn. Hey a vegetable? Right? 🙂

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    1. Absolutely! But it is a nuisance that so many things spike you. I hope you figure out what you can do to solve it. Ah, the sugar wars eh? Never-ending.


  2. Fascinating. I will try it out. I did have some allegedly low carb cake that spiked me two hours later. It had a lot of fat. It was like a time bomb. The spike was around 20 mg/dL, so not too bad.

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