Bring back the 50s ?: Mothers in full time work are significantly stressed

Being a working mother doesn’t just feel stressful, it alters your physiology.

Researchers at the universities of Manchester and Essex studied 6025 people. They collected information about their working and home lives. Hormonal levels and blood pressure were checked too.

When 11 biomarkers of stress were tested, these were 40% higher in women who worked full time and were raising two children at the same time. One child raised the levels by 18%.  Part time workers, job sharers and those with flexible working arrangements were fewer hours were worked had less stress.  Flexible working or remote working with no reduction in hours did not lower stress levels.

The authors said, ” Work-family conflict is associated with increased psychological strain, with higher levels of stress and lower levels of well being. Parents of young children are at particular risk of family-work conflict.

3 thoughts on “Bring back the 50s ?: Mothers in full time work are significantly stressed”

  1. Oh so yeah it is all worth it to someone. I wish I knew who. Having people have heart attacks and die seems like the purely western way of showing dedication.

    I know you know I am joking a bit. But we do know that when men work themselves to death they are considered heroes. In the 50’s we relied on men to die and women to remain behind to look after the family. Not so anymore.

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  2. Add a diabetic child to the mix and it gets pretty hard going. Rick, we are now seeing a decline in life expectancy so both genders are being affected. I also think that working hours are rising, commuting is longer, and working via computer and phones have extended the working week. When I think back to my sixties childhood both my parents had a lot more free time than myself or my husband.


  3. Interesting to read …
    Like you commented to Rick, when I too think back to my childhood there somehow seemed more time available. As a family we used to do things together, sit down and eat together (far more than families seem to do now), talk together. There was more structure to the day, more defined lines.

    So many people say to me that they struggle with finding a good life balance these days, and I’m sure it is having a detrimental affect on many people’s health.

    All the best Jan

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