Freestyle libre on NHS prescription at last!

My son has at last been given an NHS prescription for the Freestyle Libre sensors.

These make a big difference in the ease and frequency with which you can test your blood sugars. If you know how to adjust your insulin to meals, activity and sort out your basals, the added readings that you get help you stay in your target zone much more easily.

I bought the device and the sensors   for my son very soon after they launched and have been funding them at £100 every four weeks since. Ouch!

This was worth it for the added peace of mind. The worry of a child never ends and is more so if that child uses insulin, lives alone, is a driver, and is 5 hours drive away.

My son was actually expecting to wait another four months as he was told there was an eighteen month waiting list for the diabetic clinic. He got a short notice cancellation some four months earlier. I know from Emma and other people with type one that getting the device and sensors is a post-code lottery and that although Theresa May thinks everyone who would benefit from them should get them, this is far from practice at present.

I can only hope that there is an increase in funding to help those of  you who need them and that the scripts continue to be NHS funded, particularly when I retire.

Update: The Freestyle Libre System can now be used for drivers say the DVLA.


7 thoughts on “Freestyle libre on NHS prescription at last!”

  1. Kaiti have you explored the add on products to make the free style Libre’ a CGM that sends data to a smart phone? I have contemplated getting one, I only use the Libre’ a few times a year but I think the idea makes wonderful sense.

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  2. Kaiti, how do you find the bg accuracy of the sensors to be? This is exciting news for us diabetics. They are currently working on an insulin pump that can be implemented into the Freestyle Libre system which is awesome news! Thank you, Kenny

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  3. Hi Kenny, Steven says that the sensors lag about 10-15 minutes behind a finger tip blood test. They are pretty accurate though. He says that when you are neither rising or falling the line will show a steady state around eg 5.5. If you did blood tests you will get more individual variation among closely done tests even when you are stable.


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