Gestational diabetics seven times more likely to get type two diabetes

From RCGP Brian McMillan et al

Reducing risk of type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes: a qualitative study to explore the potential of technology in primary care.

April 2018

Although women who have experienced gestational diabetes have are seven times more likely to develop type two diabetes than other pregnant women, there is as yet no formal testing arrangement in primary care.

These women may benefit from annual Hbaic and ongoing dietary and advice on weight management.

If these women have a HbA1c of more than 42 they can become eligible for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme. Otherwise not.

Women in this situation were interviewed and told researchers that they would welcome advice regarding diet and the help of other women in the same situation. They said they would value technology to give them the information to enable personalised self management.

1 thought on “Gestational diabetics seven times more likely to get type two diabetes”

  1. In a major US database we found a strong association between having RA and type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Strong enough that I personally believe that patients who have inadequate response to biologic medications should have an A1C included as part of the typical blood work. As you know the biologic medications are very expensive and they of course do not treat diabetes. I wonder how many PWD’s we are missing when a person tells her doctor that she is not having a good response with her biologic. For want of a simple blood test we are potentially spending hundreds of thousands fro a new biologic product. With symptoms of High Blood Sugar and RA so similar it seems a good bet to at least test.

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