Most of the public are blissfully unaware of serious diabetes complications

A survey by Walnut Unlimited asked 1,000 UK people, what can the effects of having diabetes be?

None of them were aware of the pregnancy related consequences of diabetes.

2% knew about stroke, 4% about kidney damage, and 6% about heart disease.  Similarly low numbers knew that diabetes is related to a shorter life span.  A quarter of those surveyed however did know that amputation and sight loss were complications of diabetes.

Diabetes affects more individuals in the UK than any other serious health condition such as dementia or cancer. 3.7 million people in the UK have diabetes. There are 8,700 diabetes related amputations and 1,600 cases of visual impairment every year.

Diabetic complications can be minimised or avoided by early diagnosis, education and support.

2 thoughts on “Most of the public are blissfully unaware of serious diabetes complications”

  1. Kate, I do not know if blissful ignorance is a bad thing or not. I think most people do misunderstand diabetes. In my country we hear often that people have a little sugar when they have T2. Ahh, well no one has a little bit of sugar. We either have diabetes or we do not. We are on our complications or we are not. Ah ignorance.

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  2. So true, so true. Some of us have managed to avoid the more serious complications. Some of the complications you missed are the mental ones. Depression, anxiety, and others are not what people think of when talking about diabetic complications. These complications can and a lot of times do come from the physical aspects of this disease. You are so true though, not many “normal” people actually know many of the complications.

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