Inforgrpahic about the heat by The Diabetes Diet

Coping with T1D in the Heat

A screenshot of the weather in Scotland on The Diabetes DietHeavens above—this isn’t a post I’ve needed to write before but the last few weeks of incredible sunshine and heat in Scotland (Scotland! I’ll say it again, Scotland!) necessitates it.

If you’re a type 1, what special precautions do you need to take when the mercury rises? I prepared this handy infographic to help…

Please note—if you have neuropathy (nerve damage) this can affect your ability to sweat and therefore cool down. Go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon if you can, drink water to stay hydrated and exercise in air-conditioned gyms. Cut down on drinks with caffeine and alcohol, and take care of yourself as best you can.

Inforgrpahic about the heat by The Diabetes Diet

2 thoughts on “Coping with T1D in the Heat”

  1. Here where I live in the USA it has been hotter and more humid more than it has for a few years. Today it is expected to reach 100F (37.8C) AGAIN (first time was actually back in May already). To top off the excessive heat is the 99% humidity. Heat indexes are expected to reach about 43.3C to 48.9C. I don’t know how much you know about the heat index but a lot of weather apps call it “feels like” temperature. The high humidity combines with the high heat and makes it feel even hotter since the human body can’t sweat well enough to cool down properly. The hardest part for me is to stay hydrated. I don’t drink enough water to start with but with this kind of heat it I walk around outside I end up looking like I just took a shower or I’m standing in the kitchen oven. I’ve experienced heat exhaustion many years ago working on the railroad in the high desert. It was not fun. This is not made up or a fib because they actually measured it. It was about 60.0C between the rails on the rock ballast out there. It paid good though. lol This was a good post to remind all of us of the dangers of the even hotter days to come. Thanks.

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    1. I guess a mere 31 degrees (87F) as it was today in Glasgow can seem paltry to our US chums, but we’re not used to it in Scotland and very few of our homes and buildings have air conditioning. I can imagine working in the desert presented lots of problems… I love the sunshine and the opportunities it gives us to get outside, but it pays to take care. I don’t drink a great deal of water either, but I’m a diet coke fiend (a whole other sorry tale) so that does help…


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