Stephan Guyenet: Why your brain makes you fat

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In this interview, which you can listen to or read,  neuroscientist Stephan Guyenet discusses various topics related to a big issue with a lot of people, how we get fat and what we can do about it, with Kris Kresser.

2 thoughts on “Stephan Guyenet: Why your brain makes you fat”

  1. Sorry but I lost my patience with him long ago when he had his own brain removed in order to work for Michael Schwartz, which resulted in him deleting a bunch of old blog posts and arguing with Gary Taubes that insulin actually made you thin. I concluded that anything he got right would have been by accident.

    IMNSHO the endocrine system evolved first and takes priority, the brain may fine tune it but no way it runs it. Let’s not even mention mitochondria.

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