Keep safe when cycling


Reflective jackets are a great safety aid for cyclists riding in the dark, if they have them and  wear them consistently. A possible way to overcome a cyclists reluctance to wear the said jacket, say for example if they think to themselves, “I’ll be back before it gets dark or it’s too warm for my jacket” is to take the decision out of the equation.

Researchers have found that reflective tape attached to the rear frame of the bike and pedal cranks does the job of increasing visibility just as well as jackets do, but without any active behaviour required of the cyclist.

“Reflective tape is highly recommended to complement front and back lights in bicycle riding at night”, they conclude.

Human Factors, 2016, doi:10.177/001872081667145

Adapted from article in Human Givens Volume 24 No 1 2017

3 thoughts on “Keep safe when cycling”

  1. I rode in a night ride in Indianapolis IN two-weeks ago. It started at 11 PM and finished about 1:30 AM. It was a blast. But yes many riders used tape. I will be getting some or certain. You know I love bicycle accessories.

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  2. The worst accident I didn’t have was driving home one night in a dark country lane, and coming up behind a dark man in a black coat walking a black dog in the rain. Fortunately I saw him at the very last moment.

    In the New Forest they fit the wild ponies with reflective collars which I believe has cut nocturnal accident rates.

    Some of the cyclists around here have bright flashing LEDs adorning both themselves and their bikes. That also helps a lot.

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