Mayo Clinic Statin decision aid

Mayo clinic statin decision aid


The Mayo Clinic have a free online decision aid which will graphically represent the difference in heart attack risk that you face over the next ten years. You can choose three different calculation algorithms. Each varies a bit regarding factors that they consider important. The units section can transfer according to what system your lab uses for cholesterol results. In the UK they use the mmol/mol and in the US it is mg/dl.

Like other decision aids it has no facility to calculate the possible downside to statin use.

I put my measurements in and got a 3% risk on the AHA figures which would drop to a 2% risk on low dose statins. High dose statins would make no difference to this. Using the Framingham criteria my risk came in at 8% dropping to 6% on low dose statins. The Reynolds criteria uses high sensitivity CRP which we don’t measure in the UK. 



2 thoughts on “Mayo Clinic Statin decision aid”

  1. On Qrisk2 my risk was 7% in the next ten years. The results as you can see are somewhat variable depending on what calculator you use. Probably the best thing is to compare your results and get an idea if you are low, medium or high risk and make decisions on that. You will get more benefits versus side effects of statins the higher your risk.


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