Teenagers with diabetes need extra support




Young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 were studied to see how their blood sugars changed from the paediatric diabetic clinic to the adult clinic. In all 126 young people took part. The average hba1c was 9.4% (80mmol/l) before transfer to the adult clinic and decreased by 0.3%  for each of the two years after transfer.

Those with divorced parents had hba1s 1.2% higher (14 mmol/l). Those with mental health conditions or intellectual and social impairment also had higher blood sugar levels.

A third of the patients were admitted to hospital for acute diabetes care.  Hospital admission was more common if there was a low outpatient attendance rate, a high baseline Hba1c level, intellectual and social impairment, mental health conditions or divorced parents.  Researchers concluded that these groups of families needed more support.

Reported in the Independent Diabetes Trust Newsletter March 2017 from an original article in Diabetic Medicine, January 2017).

2 thoughts on “Teenagers with diabetes need extra support”

  1. Those numbers are beyond scary. Yet I know a significant number of Type 1s who have better A1cs than me! You’d think someone at the top of the food chain might have noticed the same thing and question whether they were actually teaching the right approach.

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  2. Kids in the US who use MDI likely have similar numbers. Those on pumps likely have slightly lower than those on MDI. The numbers are terribly scary, thank goodness most of our kids find ways to overcome these numbers in young adulthood.

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