Orthopaedic surgeon who wants to reduce amputations silenced by regulatory body


It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Gary Fettke, a Tasmanian orthopaedic surgeon has been banned from talking to patients about the nutritional changes they can make to prevent amputations.

His wife, a nurse, tells his story here:




Gary’s presentation on you tube is here:





2 thoughts on “Orthopaedic surgeon who wants to reduce amputations silenced by regulatory body”

  1. Gary’s presentation explains how eating the wrong stuff: sugar, starch and vegetable oil products raise the amount of oxidisable LDL in the cell membranes and circulation and thus cause cardiovascular disease, premature degenerative disease and cancer. It is a shame that he can’t produce more new material but he does have sufficient information out there that can help you make wise choices for your future health.


  2. As I wrote elsewhere (FoodMed where his “trial” is also being covered) if he’d invented a way of amputating diabetics’ feet in half the time he’d be feted as a hero.

    Preventing the amputations in the first place, not so much.


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