How does mental distress show physically?


8558187594_65216d9621_bAlmost every patient with stress related mental health problems reports at least one somatic symptom and 45 per cent report six symptoms or more, according to a Swedish study of 228 patients suffering from what is termed as exhaustion disorder.

Here is the chart run down of the most common symptoms:

Almost all: Tiredness and low energy

67% Nausea, gas and indigestion

65% Headaches

57% Dizziness

Men and women reported the same number of symptoms.

Chest pain and sexual problems and pain during sex were more reported in men.

Pain in the arms, legs, joints, knees, hips reported more in the over 40s.

The more severe the mental health problem the higher the number of somatic symptoms.

From Human Givens Volume 21 No 1 2014


(BMC Psychiatry, 2014, 14, 118)

Although the causes of fibromyalgia are insufficiently understood at present and there is dubiety over whether the condition is due to stress or physical factors I have reproduced a chart which does show many psychosomatic symptoms in its presentation.






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