Don’t be stuck for words on your holiday with Duolingo



Duolingo is a free site that offers you easy to do chunks of language learning in your own time.

Going on holiday with diabetes, particularly if you use insulin, can be trickier than average, so a little basic language can help you a great deal if you need to see a doctor or visit a pharmacy.

Duolingo gives modules on all of the basics that you can cover in 5-20 minutes a day. You set your own learning goals. You can even compete with your friends.

Food, directions, feelings, sports and medical words and phrases are all covered, as indeed are many other topics. For more advanced learners tenses are covered in more depth towards the end of the course.

All European and Scandanavian languages are covered. So are Russian, Ukrainian, many Asian and African languages. You can even learn Esperanto and Klingon! (Well you never know…)






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